Definitions for "Lemma"
Keywords:  bract, floret, spikelet, palea, glumes
The lower of two bracts enclosing the flower in grasses.
An odd-veined bract, the lowermost of the floret which is attached to the rachilla where it delimits the floret.
The inner petal of a cereal flower, part of the corolla.
A preliminary or auxiliary proposition demonstrated or accepted for immediate use in the demonstration of some other proposition, as in mathematics or logic.
A theorem proven only for use in the proof of more important theorems
A proposition proved, or sometimes assumed, to be true and used in proving a theorem.
A word that is included in a glossary or list of headwords; a headword.
The set of different forms of a word, such as the inflected forms of a verb, e.g., 'sing', 'sings', 'sang', 'sung', 'singing' are one lemma, 'boy', 'boys' another.
a canonical form taken as the representative for all the different forms of a paradigm
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Keywords:  morphological, variants, set
a set of morphological variants
Keywords:  annotation, gloss, head
the head of an annotation or gloss
a special kind of additional key, which provides an alternative representation for the base form, rather than simply additional information associated with it