Definitions for "Legislation"
The act of legislating; preparation and enactment of laws; the laws enacted.
A proposed law, act or bill; a bill that has become law.
The laws that govern organ donation and transplantation.
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The legislative representative keeps the unit informed of current government issues regarding children with concern to PTA's effective participation in local, state, and national government. The representative presents (once a year) a legislative slate from the State PTA to be voted on byu our association. The representative then goes to the State Convention and participates in the state election and votes representing SOCES PTA.
The use of some products of the starch industry, particularly in foods, may be governed by both European and national food legislation. As this does change, albeit slowly, reference should be made to recent information. Modified starch for food use is restricted in terms of the chemical reagents which may be used for modification, their amount, the extent of the resultant modification and the permitted levels of undesirable by-products or residues. Non-food starches to be used in paper for foodstuff packaging are also restricted.
a fundamentally racist world view, anti-intellectual and demeaning of both Indian people and museums
a welcome first step in preventing the proliferation of gambling into new technologies with unknown risks and implications
This CELEX file comprises treaties, international agreements, secondary legislation and supplementary legislation.
Rules, regulations or orders adopted by Ministers or Executives of Ministries, with the approval of the Knesset or any of its committees, after consultation with a committee, or by independent authority.
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a sign of a democracy which is not very healthy
a requirement that all states have a program to timely report information about newly hired/rehired employees
a discriminatory attack on open competition
a prospective benefit improvement for all Coordinated TRA members
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an attempt to remedy these and other problems that contribute to the barriers children with disabilities face
a very nice baby step that will address a small portion of the problem
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a major cause for male suicide
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a fact that all healthcare providers have to deal with
an effort to provide increased access to employment services and beneficiary control of their own careers
Watching the activities of legislature for items that impact the flying public and passing along the information for action by the membership.
a need for increased efficiency and effectiveness of the U