Definitions for "legacy"
Someone whose mother, father, sister or brother are members of a particular organization. Some organizations may consider a niece or nephew a legacy.
A legacy is someone who has a member of their family that currently belongs to the fraternity they are looking into.
a potential new member who has a relative who is a member of Alpha Chi Omega
A gift from one who is legging it out of this vale of tears.
A gift of property by will, esp. of money or personal property; a bequest. Also Fig.; as, a legacy of dishonor or disease.
A gift in a Will. Cash gifts are called "pecuniary legacies", gifts of specified objects are called "specific legacies" and a right to receive a share of the residue is called "a residuary legacy".
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An older style adapter card that does not support Plug & Play. It may have to be configured using a software configuration program or by physically arranging jumpers on the board.
The ability to support older and almost outdated equipment.
A term used to describe "older" computer technology.  When specifically addressing PC hardware, this term is used to refer to hardware developed prior to the Plug and Play standard.
The UNTS systems that have been supporting University business and academic functions prior to the implementation of EIS modules.
Legacy systems are those systems we have inherited. That is, the computer software that PeopleSoft replaces.
Existing system
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All EDGAR Release versions prior to Release 7.0.
Legacy is a 2004 album by The Temptations for the Motown label, introducing new Temptations G.C. Cameron and Joe Herndon. The album was the group's final release on Motown; they left the label shortly after its release.
Legacy is the fourth DC Heroclix set produced by Wizkids released March 2004.
a collaborative community education effort of charities, financial advisors and funders to encourage people from all walks of life to include charitable giving in their wills or estate plans
a non profit organization that encourages others to contribute to their favourite charities
a process of Biblical discovery and personal reflection, both of which will provide encouragement to pass on something worthwhile to those who follow
A business with which one is intrusted by another; a commission; -- obsolete, except in the phrases last legacy, dying legacy, and the like.
Property inherited on the death of someone.
an inheritance or a heritage, thus it is something received as well as something passed down
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A term used to describe a hybrid disc that can be played in both a DVD player and a CD player.
a matter of history to Florida players such as Lee Humphrey, who credits ESPN Classic for his recognition of players such as Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Bill Walton
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This fee is used to produce the University's student-edited feature magazine, published twice in the fall semester and twice in the spring semester. The magazine offers campus-oriented feature stories and entertainment. It also provides a hands on laboratory experience for students interested in writing, photography, and design.
Legacy is an original novel written by Gary Russell and based on the long-running British science fiction television series Doctor Who. It features the Seventh Doctor, Ace, Bernice and the Ice Warriors. A prelude to the novel, also penned by Banks, appeared in Doctor Who Magazine #211.
a reasearch and genealogical website focusing on the states of Virginia, Kentucky, Tennessee, and Arkansas along with offering transcribed marriages, births, deaths, and tax records for sale
an intricately wrought group portrait full of period touches and interlocking fates, generally unhappy
a living thing and that means it immediately and necessarily brings about heterogeneity
a tricky thing, and quite often ends up being unfair
Applications and data, usually running on mainframe computers, that have been in existence for a long time. Often it is difficult to phase out legacy system data because subsequent applications have been written using the legacy material.
An adjective that refers to technology associated with old corporate programs, such as those on mainframes. Increasingly used as a put-down, the opposite of cutting edge.
a broad-based community campaign that involves all types of nonprofit groups, including social service and arts organizations, churches, hospitals and educational institutions
a broad-based community campaign to inspire people t
a fitting way to acknowledge the scholarship, the literary refuge and the pleasure that the Library has offered to so many readers and writers over the years
a program of the Mid-America Planned Giving Council in partnership with the Greater Kansas City Council on Philanthropy and the National Society of Fund Raising Executives, Mid-America Chapter
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a great way to continue supporting the causes that are dear to your heart
a practical way of giving support, which remains for ever and is not forgotten
Products orginally developed by companies that have been acquired or consolidated through merger and acquisition activity.
Legacy was an American dramatic television series which aired on UPN from 1998-1999.
Pertaining to documents, data, or systems that existed prior to a certain time.
adj. Of or pertaining to documents or data that existed prior to a certain time. The designation refers particularly to a change in process or technique that requires translating old data files to a new system.
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Legacy are a British-based acoustic band performing a fusion blend of traditional music & improvisation drawn from jazz to rock.
Property transferred by a will.
Transfer of personal property through a will.
A transfer of personal property by a Will.
An international leadership and communications organization of leaders from the various areas of the Square Dance activity.
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The free trader ship used by the PCs.
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a type of challenge, the point of it is to reach ten generations in one h
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Legal Action
legal legal entity
anything handed down from one generation to another
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a family line
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Any debts that require paying from your Estate after your death.
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a community-based