Definitions for "Lectotype"
a specimen chosen after the original description to be the type.
a specimen or illustration selected from among those cited with the original description to serve in place of a holotype where the holotype is missing or destroyed, or where no holotype was designated; isolectotype: a duplicate of the lectotype. cf. type.
A specimen or other element selected from the original material to serve a nomenclatural type when no holotype was designated at the time of publication or as long as it is missing (ICBN Art. 7). Comment: A lectotype is designated by a later author (including the originating author at a later date). It is to be selected from syntypes or paratypes, although whether from uncited type material is unclear. It is also unclear whether a lectotype can be selected from uncited isotype material known to have been in the originating author's hands at the time of the originating publication, when all other candidates for type status are missing.