Definitions for "Leased line"
A connectionless network where the user is charged a flat fee instead of connection charges and per minute charges typically associated with long distance calls.
A dedicated circuit typically leased by a telephone company to a business for the full time exclusive use of that business. The 1980s and 1990s have seen growing freedom for businesses with such leased lines to sub-lease capacity to other businesses and organisations.
A communications line, from one point to another, leased from the telephone company for the exclusive use of a customer. See also point-to-point.
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a more costly service than ADSL
a service from the X
a service that gives your organization a one-stop-shop for fixed continuous internet access from one or more hosts in your local area network from anywhere in Egypt
a fixed amount of bandwidth that a customer leases from the common carrier (usually a phone company)
A communication channel provided by a common carrier for a fee.