Definitions for "leakage"
The presence of a consistent concentration of ions in the effluent of an ion exchange system due to incomplete removal of the ions; caused by incomplete regeneration, excessive flow rates, low temperatures, the concentration or characteristics of the influent ions, or other factors. (See hardness leakage.)
(hardness, sodium, silica, etc.) Caused by incomplete regeneration of an ion exchange bed. Since complete regeneration is usually inefficient, most ion exchange processes operate at one half to one third of the total capacity of the ion exchanger.
As relates to ion exchange, the presence in the effluent of the type of ions, present in the feedwater to be treated, which the ion exchange process was supposed to remove.
A leaking; also, the quantity that enters or issues by leaking.
A leak{3}; also; the quantity of electricity thus wasted.
Leakage is the indirect effect of emission reduction policies or activities that lead to a rise in emissions elsewhere (e.g. fossil fuel substitution leads to a decline in fuel prices and a rise in fuel use elsewhere). For land use change and forestry activities, leakage can be defined as the unexpected loss of estimated net carbon sequestered. For CDM/JI projects, leakage can be a result of unforeseen circumstances, improperly defined baseline, improperly defined project lifetime or project boundaries, and inappropriate project design.
Lack of isolation between something. Having the sound be heard faintly someplace it's not supposed to be. Commonly experienced as crosstalk between mixer channels, bleadover from monitor speakers, or transmission of sound through walls, ceilings, or floors.
The loss of gas from the envelope or gas bags of an airship or balloon.
The unwanted leaving of air through spaces in heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning duct work due to poor construction or design.
Loss of fluid usually due to mechanical breakdown or gasket wear.
An unintended seepage of fluids, such as water or gasoline, that requires repairs or remediation.
The passage of electric current that is unintended.
The accidental or intentional release of information to some people before it is made available to the general public.
Release of information selectively or not before official public announcement.
A release of information to certain people before the official public announcement.
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An allowance of a certain rate per cent for the leaking of casks, or waste of liquors by leaking.
Memory that has been allocated and is no longer in use, but that hasnâ€(tm)t been freed. Leakage is, therefore, wasted memory. A program that leaks, by not freeing memory it has allocated, may eventually exhaust memory in the course of normal use.
The vertical flow of groundwater; commonly used in the context of vertical groundwater flow through confining strata.
An outflow from the circular flow of income and expenditure.
The amount of income that flows out of a local economy to purchase outside resources needed to generate that income.
In DSAs, a result of finite time record length that results in smearing of frequency components. Its effects are greatly reduced by the use of weighted time functions such as Flat top or Hanning windows.
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Leakage appears as a clear caustic or white solid at the negative terminal of a RAM cell.
Current An isolated power supply will still "leak" a tiny amount of current, either AC or DC to the chassis, or to ground, from the input or the output. This is critical in cases where a human can be part of the circuit, such as in an operating room, so leakage current is limited to a low value in medical grade power supplies.
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The percentage of tracked page hits that did not have an associated tracked graphic hit. Leakage can result from robots accessing your site or from visitors who press the stop button or move to another page while the given page was still loading.
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See Shrinkage
Issuance of securities to prohibited entities.
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The extent to which the activity proposed benefits people outside the target area or group.
The level of activity, which is lost to the area e.g. the number of jobs created which residents from outside the area take.
Transactions where no revenue is collected, or revenue is not fully collected. (Does not include non-revenue or violation transactions wherein the vehicle is either not permitted to cross the barrier or where a violation image is taken.)
a non-consumption use of the income generated from aggregate production, especially saving, taxes, and imports
Purchasing goods, works and services from an alternative source, where there is already a contract or purchasing agreement in place for the same type of goods, works or services. This reduces the use and value obtained from the existing purchasing agreement.
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when information ends up where it should not be