Definitions for "Leads"
In a carillon, the wires from the keys terminating at the clappers.
Short wires. Home Improvement Encyclopedia
Signal-carrying cables used to connect various pieces of equipment.
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A horse is termed leading with the left fore when the left fore appears to extend first in the three-beat gait of canter (actually it is the right hind that is the leading leg in that that leg is the initial leg to strike into canter, but this is much more difficult to see). It is up to the rider to make sure the horse strikes off on the required leg. Alternating leads will share the work load and make for better balance.
Prospects that meet certain criteria to become a Transaction; also called prequalified.
Potential prospects or inquiries that are generated by a Direct Marketing campaign.
Leads are people who you know, or can get to know, who are able to "amplify" the intelligence within your own brain by "leading" you to socially and professionally well-connected others, whose assets, wisdom, and contacts you can mobilize. It's important that you and your leads share reciprocal interests in common, and that they do not feel exploited.
The conductive traces on the contact edge of the glass.
People or organizations you know nothing or very little about.
Metal leads extruding from the base of the display arranged in a pin-out formation for driving the display.
See pins.
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see Plumbing Vent Jack.
marks used in channels and at bar entrances which when in line indicate the centre of the navigable channel.
Active substance candidates taken to develop medications through targeted variations.
Labor Exchange Automated Delivery System
When a visitor leaves certain information on the advertiser's site you get credited.
Law Enforcement Agencies Data System
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see Sales Leads.
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(see "lead generation")