Definitions for "Lead generation"
a two-step offer where the viewer is asked to call a toll free phone number for more information. The inbound telemarketer captures the "lead's" name, address and phone number. The fulfillment house then sends, free of charge, information in the form of letters, brochures, video tapes and product samples. If the lead doesn't respond within a short time (e.g., two weeks), additional information is sent. As many as five or six mailings may be sent the lead, attempting to induce an order. The advertiser may follow up a lead, additionally or exclusively, with outbound telemarketing.
refers to the several methods by which sales prospects are identified for future contact.
The act of finding leads.
Typically seller-driven, they derive revenue from ads, commissions on sales, or fees for delivering qualified leads to suppliers. Also may generate RFPs (requests for proposals) and RFQs (requests for quotes) for buyers. Provide value by understanding information needs of their users and integrating and aggregating content, information and transactions for buyers and sellers. Most lead generation markets seek to migrate to transaction-oriented catalog aggregation model. Examples: (lasers), (sewage treatment systems),, (electronic components).
Lead generation is a marketing term that refers to the manufacture of connections between well-matched consumers and target corporate vendors. Lead Generation is frequently seen in the financial world. This would manifest itself as companies calling up on behalf of banks and loan institutions, gaining a commission on the leads they generate (pay-per-lead) or the sales made (pay-per sale) or a combination thereof.
The set of systems you have in place, consisting of the design, production, and placement of media messages, that generate the greatest number of potential customers. Lead generation causes the prospect to raise their hand and say " I am interested. A popular lead generation tool is called Permission Marketing.
The term applied to strategies developed to identify compounds which possess a desired but non-optimized biological activity.
an essential business process to consistently acquire long-term, quality clients through the design, production, and placement of media messages through optimal media channels. See Lead Generation Books.
Includes new customer registration and having visitors sign in to receive a newsletter or use a free demo.
The activity of identifying potential customers.
Using marketing tools and/or advertising techniques in order to acquire leads.