Definitions for "Leach"
A quantity of wood ashes, through which water passes, and thus imbibes the alkali.
A tub or vat for leaching ashes, bark, etc.
To remove the soluble constituents from by subjecting to the action of percolating water or other liquid; as, to leach ashes or coffee.
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See 3d Leech.
See Leech, a physician.
Weak or Selective Leach: A weakly acid, alkaline or neutral solution capable of stripping weakly bound elements from many mineral phases (weak) or a specific mineral phase (selective).Typical leach solutions include: distilled water, dilute cyanide, hydroxylamine hydrochloride, sodium acetate, dilute hydrogen peroxide, enzyme leach, etc.
Reduce the amount of plasticizer in the clay. Sometimes clay can be too sticky and one solution to this problem is to lay the clay in thin sheets between clean paper. The plasticizer will leach into the paper and the clay will become stiffer.
A popular medieval confection consisting of a thick, jelly-like preserve set hard enough to slice; it was often made using almonds and various fruit flavorings. Some leaches might have been similar to today's fruit leathers.
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The aft edge of a sail.
After or back edge of a sail.
A leach is someone who watches a computer for line moves, and when he sees one he quickly bets the appropriate team at an offshore sportsbook that has not yet moved the line. That activity is called front running.
permeate or penetrate gradually; "the fertilizer leached into the ground"
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Wash away.
someone who gains their experience by partying with higher level characters in late game areas (rather than actually playing the game)
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the process of leaching