Definitions for "LCL "
ifted ondensation evel. The level where condensation (saturation) occurs if one lifts an unsaturated surface parcel dry-adiabatically. Graphically on the skew-T plot it is the point where the dry adiabat (originating at the parcel temperature) and mixing ratio lines (originating at the parcel dew point temperature) intersect.
lifting condensation level. The level at which a parcel of air when lifted dry adiabatically would become saturated.
Lifting Condensation Level. The level at which lifted air will saturate.
lateral collateral ligament. the ligament that gives stability to the outer knee.
Lateral Collateral ligament. The ligament that runs on the outside of the knee and prevents the knee from bowing out. Injury to this ligament is usually seen in a forceful blow to the knee. This is probably the third most frequently injured knee ligament.
Lateral Collateral Ligament. Ligament of the knee attaching lateral femoral condyle to the fibula head.
See Less than Container Load.
Less than Container Load: Mostly used for shipments less then 500 cubic feet (14cubic meters) in volume. After packing of the items they are loaded into wooden containers which are than loaded into steamship containers along with other consignments from other freight companies.
The acronym for "less than container load." It refers to a partial container load that is usually consolidated with other goods to fill a container.
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Light Center Length. The distance from the base of the bulb to the center.
The Light Center Length for HID lamps. This value is the distance in inches from the center of the arc discharge to a specified reference point on the lamp, usually the base.
LIGHT CENTER LENGTH. The distance between the center of the filament or arc tube in a lamp and a reference plane-usually the bottom of the lamp.
lower control limit. The measurement point below the centerline in a process control chart or report that indicates an out-of-bounds condition or warning signal.
Lower Control Limit. In a process control chart, the lower limit beyond which the process is considered out of control. Upper and lower control limits are set to clearly identify when something has gone wrong with the process.
A horizontal dotted line plotted on a control chart which represents the lower process limit capabilities of a process
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Lethal concentration, low, lowest concentration of a gas or vapor capable of killing a specified species over a specified time.
Longitudinal Conversion Loss – a measure of the conversion between differential and common mode in balanced cable pairs.
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