Definitions for "LCD Screen"
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A display device built into many remote controls. Some remotes may include a small LCD screen that displays mode or programming information, while other remotes may be completely built around a large touchscreen featuring changeable buttons. LCD types include dot-matrix, which can be configured to display any text or graphics, and etched, which can only display what the designers intended it to. The majority of LCD panels are backlit. See also: soft buttons, backlight, active matrix, passive matrix, contrast, ambient light, DPI.
This flip-out screen provides a large, viewing area as an alternative to the viewfinder. It lets you better see where you're going and what you're recording. Most LCDs swing and rotate to allow viewing from different angles and positions. Most Camcorder LCDs range from 2.5 to 4 inches in diagonal size.
A liquid crystal display consists of two plates of glass with liquid crystal material between them. The screen does not generate light but rather modulates it. LCD screens are the viewing screens found on many VOCAS.
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a flat panel, whereas a CRT monitor is a tube type, like a TV set