Definitions for "LCD"
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A graphical display that indicates target information, detector settings, etc...
See iquid rystal isplay
A common display technology. LCD is likely to replace CRTs in the smallest HDTVs.
See Letter Carrier Depot. (poste de facteurs)
Letter Carrier Depot. Postal facility operated as a terminal for Letter Carriers. A call-for service and in some cases business transactions such as meter setting and postage paid in cash may be provided. (poste de facteurs)
Local Coverage Determination. An LCD, as established by Section 522 of the Benefits Improvement and Protection Act, is a decision by a fiscal intermediary or carrier whether to cover a particular service on an intermediary-wide or carrier-wide basis in accordance with Section 1862(a)(1)(A) of the Social Security Act (i.e., a determination as to whether the service is reasonable and necessary). The difference between LMRPs and LCDs is that LCDs consist only of "reasonable and necessary" information, while LMRPs may also contain category or statutory provisions. The final rule establishing LCDs was published November 11, 2003. Effective December 7, 2003, CMS' contractors will begin issuing LCDs instead of LMRPs. Over the next 2 years (until December 31, 2005) contractors will convert all existing LMRPs into LCDs and articles. Until the conversion is complete, for purposes of a 522 challenge, the term LCD will refer to both: 1) reasonable and necessary provisions of an LMRP; and, 2) an LCD that contains only reasonable and necessary language. Any non-reasonable and necessary language a contractor wishes to communicate to providers must be done through an article.
Local Coverage Determination – This is Medicare payment policy determined at the local/state level. The LCD is a decision made by a fiscal intermediary or carrier whether to cover a particular service or procedure.
Lowest Common Denominator
Least common denominator. The least common multiple of the denominators in two or more fractions.
least common denominator. The least common multiple of the denominators of a group of fractions.
Liquor carbonis detergent, a tar preparation used to treat psoriasis.
Low-Calorie Diets
Low Contrast (Detail) Detectablility. The ability of imaging equipment to distinguish between objects that have similar properties. For CT, the ability to distinguish between objects that have similar x-ray attenuation coefficients.
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Local Number Portability (LNP)
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LED Li-Polymer
Large Combination Detail. Combination of smaller profiles to economically create the illusion of massive profiles.
Fluid, trapped between two surfaces (usually glass) changes it's opacity when electrically stimulated
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Lead Core Door
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n. In some FTP clients, the command that changes the current directory on the local system. See also FTP client.
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Link products