Definitions for "Lbs"
Local Base Statistics - Identical in structure to the SAS, but more detailed in terms of data crosstabulations and less geographical detail. The LBS were released at all levels of census geography down to Ward/ Pseudo Postcode Sector level. '91 GB SAS/LBS
Local Body Statistics
Local Library System The Pica local library system consists of various modules for lending, online public access catalogue and acquisitions (OUS, OPC, ACQ)
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London Borough of Southwark
Location-Based Services. Location-Based Services employ real-time positioning technologies and networked resources to enable a wide variety of applications, such as emergency response, personal navigator, traffic information service, and others.
Location-based services. Satellite (user-controlled) or mobile network-enabled (uncontrolled) technology that can tell where you are at any given time.
Services that depend on knowing the user's location to deliver user-specific information, such as real-time traffic updates or point-of-interest data
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acronym for ocal ike hop.
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Abbreviation for pound(s) of weight.
See Pound.
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Linux Long SMS
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Life Boat Stations.