Definitions for "Laying"
Keywords:  incubation, clutch, eggs, birds, act
The act or period of laying eggs; the eggs laid for one incubation; a clutch.
the production of eggs (especially in birds)
To lay is to put the individual tiles or tesserae of a mosaic into place.
Keywords:  worm, coarse, quick, gears, spirit
Laying is the skill of making equipment level. It usually involves moving equipment in small motions so that spirit levels are centralised in all planes. Movement is usually done by small worm gears or other fine setting devices for accurate small movements, together with other more coarse gears to allow large swings in motion for quick movement between different settings.
Keywords:  laths, plasterer, coat, first, work
The first coat on laths of plasterer's two-coat work.
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You are said to be laying odds if the amount of money you are risking is more than what you will win if the game goes your way. You are said to be laying points if the spread takes points away from your team. If you are laying points or laying odds, you are betting the favorite. The opposite of laying is taking.
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(See 'Cut and lay'.)
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The act of one who, or that which, lays.