Definitions for "Layback"
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The amount of backward lean of an oarsman's body toward the bow at the end of a stroke.
Term for how much you lean back at the finish. Too much is bad, too little is, well, bad also. " LET IT RUN!" - Coxswain call for all rowers to stop rowing and to pause at the finish, letting the boat glide through the water and coast to a stop. Used as a drill to build balance.
a popular spin in figure skating, in which the torso is bent backwards and the free leg is lifted
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A climbing technique where hands and feet work in opposition as one scales a crack or flake.
Often used to climb the cracks formed by flakes or those in a corner. The technique is to hold the edge of the flake in the hands and place the feet against the main face. By pushing with the feet and pulling with the hands the climber can then move one limb at a time to make progress. Very strenuous unless you are fit and consequently only used when jamming the crack is not practical. Laybacking is also used on some arêtes. This is a very precarious means of progress.
A technique used to climb features such as arête's and cracks using the hands and feet in opposition i.e. the hands pull on the crack using a layaway, while the feet push.
A manouvre that involves the rider lying back into the wave. Often unintentional and more popular in the 70's
The process of transferring a finished audio track back to the master videotape.
Transferring the sweetened audio track back to the master video tape.
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term used to describe the dog's front or rear angulations
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The amount of material which must be mined for the slope of a pit wall to be at a safe angle.
The angle of the shoulder blade as compared with the vertical.
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Go to the layback position. All eight to layback.