Definitions for "Lay-up"
A process of fabrication involving the assembly of successive layers of resin-impregnated material.
The reinforcing material placed in position in the mold. The process of placing the reinforcing material in position in the mold. The resin-impregnated reinforcement. A description of the component materials, geometry, and so forth, of a laminate.
Manner in which layers of fiberglass or Kevlar matting are placed to make a fiberglass or Kevlar canoe or kayak.
Is a shot taken close to the basket.
A shot intended to land short of the green. Whether to avoid trouble or gain better position before attacking the pin, a lay-up is sometimes the smart alternative.
A shot by a moving player who jumps very close to the basket and shoots while in the air.
Mooring a ship at a protected anchorage, shutting down substantially all of its operating systems and taking measures to protect against corrosion and other deterioration.
temporary cessation of trading of a ship by a shipowner during a period when there is a surplus of ships in relation to the level of available cargoes. This surplus, known as overtonnaging, has the effect of depressing freight rates to the extent that some shipowners no long find it economical to trade their ship, preferring to lay them up until there is a reversal in the trend.
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A single or double track where trains are parked during off-peak hours. Both tunnel and elevated lay-ups exist.
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a safe and easy option