Definitions for "Lay up"
Keywords:  backboard, shot, trouble, hit, lie
To play a shorter shot than normally might be attempted. Would be done to achieve a good lie short of a hazard rather than trying to hit the green in one less shot.
(aka: "lay back", "play for position") a shot played to a particular location to allow for an easier subsequent shot or to keep the ball from going too far and getting into trouble. Example: "I didn't hit a very good drive so I had to lay up to the water before trying my approach into the green."
Choosing to hit a shot shorter than you are capable of in order to avoid a hazard or to position the ball in a certain spot.
The act of building up successive layers of polymer and reinforcement. Layers of catalyzed resin and fiberglass or other reinforcements are applied to a mold in order to make a part.
The placing of fiberglass reinforcing materials onto the mold surface and applying the resin to form the completed laminate.
A process in which layers of polymer resin and other reinforcements are applied to a mold to produce a part.
Keywords:  coon, tree, ground
A coon that has not been on the ground recently, and is laying up in the tree.
Lay up is another term for cold storage and describes the status of equipment (such as a power plant) that has been placed in storage ("mothballed") for latter use.
To prepare a boat for its winter storage.
1. Stacking the veneers of a reconstituted wood panel prior to being pressed into final panels. 2. Placement of material in the position that they will occupy at the finish of the job.
Keywords:  pneumonia, confine, illness, six, weeks
disable or confine, as with an illness; "She was laid up with pneumonia for six weeks"
Keywords:  dock, safety, vessel, place
go up; also, to put a vessel in dock or some other place of safety [91.15