Definitions for "LAWYER"
One versed in the laws, or a practitioner of law; one whose profession is to conduct lawsuits for clients, or to advise as to prosecution or defence of lawsuits, or as to legal rights and obligations in other matters. It is a general term, comprehending attorneys, counselors, solicitors, barristers, sergeants, and advocates.
The term 'lawyer' refers to both solicitors and barristers. Solicitors are the lawyers people deal with most. They work in offices and undertake a range of legal work including preparing wills, contracts and deeds, and doing conveyancing work. Solicitors can appear in court to represent a client, but in complex cases they usually advise their clients to brief a barrister. Barristers are courtroom specialists, usually with expertise in a specific area of the law.
Umbrella term used to refer to both barristers and solicitors.
someone who charges money to administer or interpret the law or dispense justice (a capital offence), by extension, anyone condemned to death
an expert in law pursuing a learned art in service to clients and in the spirit of public service and engaging in these pursuits as part of a common calling to promote justice and public good
an expert on justice in the same way a prostitute is an expert on love
a gentleman who rescues your estate from your enemies and keeps it for himself
a gentlemen that rescues your estate from your enemies and then keeps it to himself
a very learned gentleman who always has his hands in almost every pie
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a hired gun - you do what you're told
an advocate for a position and he was told to get together evidence to support the President's efforts to get me kicked off the Board
an advocate or one who supports or speaks in favor of another
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The burbot (Lota maculosa).
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The bowfin (Amia calva).
a forest vine with sharp, inwardly pointing thorns. Its Maori name is tataramoa.
a mediator between the jury and the defendant
an officer of the Court and upon his shoulders lies the responsibility to see to it that protection has been accorded the rights of the accused and that no injustice to him has been committed
a person who prosecutes or defends persons and/or causes in courts, administrative agencies or other judicial tribunals
a 'necessary' witness if his or her testimony is relevant, material and unobtainable elsewhere
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One skilled in circumvention of the law.
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an honest Employment, so is
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The black-necked stilt. See Stilt.
a representative of the party who argues their case, and with his special knowledge makes a committed and efficient protestation
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a Florida Law Firm
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an advisor to whom
an online directory provided by the Arkansas Bar
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a must, and I already have one, so that isn't too big of a concern
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a paid manipulator, in a sense
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a complete tool, yo
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a man who helps you get what is coming to him
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an important part of the home-buying process