Definitions for "Latitude"
Extent from side to side, or distance sidewise from a given point or line; breadth; width.
Room; space; freedom from confinement or restraint; hence, looseness; laxity; independence.
Extent or breadth of signification, application, etc.; extent of deviation from a standard, as truth, style, etc.
The range of exposure (+/-) in which a photographic emulsion will produce a usable image.
The range exposure from under to over exposure that will still produce an acceptable image from a specific film.
The range of thickness of material that can be recorded on the radiograph within the useful reading range of film density. A high contrast film has little latitude and conversely a low contrast film has great latitude.
Latitude is part of the World Square complex bounded by George, Goulburn, Liverpool and Pitt Streets in Sydney, Australia. The building's official name is "Ernst & Young Tower at Latitude" and is located on the corner of George and Goulburn streets.
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This is the approximate latitude on the planet Mars of the image center. All values are based on the IAU 2000 aerocentric model of Mars with east positive longiude.
The lines running east and west on a map or globe grid.
A condition of lethargy and listlessness experienced by cold weather backpackers. Symptoms are most severe immediately preceding preparation of morning meal.
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left outer join Lint localhost loop, endless
Extent; size; amplitude; scope.
scope for freedom of e.g. action or thought; freedom from restriction
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