Definitions for "Latency"
The state or quality of being latent.
The time between a stimulus the appearance of the response; the time between any causal action and the first appearance of the effect. Called also latent period.
The time between exposure to a carcinogen or other disease-causing agent and the appearance of the consequent disease.
The time between the act of a secure system being penetrated, and any activity taking place. For example a virus that remains inactive until a certain date.
The phenomenon by which disease (such as HSV or HPV) can hide away in the nerve roots in an inactive state, only to reactivate and cause viral shedding or symptoms again.
An inactive or resting period during a disease process. Clinical latency is an asymptomatic period in the early years of HIV infection (for some people). Recent research shows that the firus during this asymptomatic period is actually replicating at a rapid pace in the lymph nodes.
See ghosting.
Latency is the same as ghosting and occurs when voltage from an energized element leaks to an adjacent OFF element and turns the adjacent element partially ON.
The period between the onset of any given cause and disease detection.
A developmental period between 6 to 11 years of age where the child's potential is quietly, slowly being developed and is not yet visible.
Freud's term for the period in a person's childhood, usually between the ages of 5 and 12, when no significant sexual developments occur. (No other animal has such a period of non-development before reaching full maturity.) Much of the "repression" that will influence a person's adult "personality" occurs during this period.
latency - malignant pleural mesothelioma.
General term for the interval before some reaction occurs. Often response latency.
The 'Earth to Mars' communication gap between an avatar performing a action, like kicking someone, and the recipient of the kick reacting. Largely an infrastructure hardware problem, latency can be worked around by using localized responses (like having a hind-brain to work the back legs of a dinosaur).
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Li-Polymer Locked Phone
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the state of being not yet evident or active
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The state of those materials present but not yet active or released.
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See start latency.