Definitions for "Las"
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linear alkylate sulfonate.
Linear Alkyl Sulfonate
argaritas                         ltamirano                         ancho Nuevo Federal Army Base                         omitán de Domingez                         cosingo                         an Christobal de las Casas
Locum Appointment for Service. Not a training post and does NOT count towards a CCT
Las Vegas [Submitted by pixuk
See Lymphadenopathy Syndrome.
Persistent swelling of lymph nodes associated with chronic infection. Also known as GLS (generalized lymphadenopathy syndrome) or PGL (persistent generalized lymphadenopathy).
Live Access Server (NOAA) "Web server designed to provide flexible access to geo-referenced scientific data"
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League of Arab States
Land acquisition survey
(Land Application System) –A system designed to use treated wastewater for irrigation onto the land to support vegetative growth.
Land Analysis System
Local anesthetics.
Local Authorities
Local Authorization Server.
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School of Liberal Arts and Sciences
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A lace. See Lace.
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Low Activity Source Document For work with low activity/exempt sealed sources
Sound level with 'A' Frequency weighting and Slow Time weighting
Location Application Services. These services are any functions that operate upon location data to meet the specific processing requirements of a location service. (see applications)