Definitions for "Largesse"
Keywords:  bestowed, bounty, liberal, gift, clig
Liberality; generosity; bounty.
A present; a gift; a bounty bestowed.
An essential virtue of both knights and nobles, best expressed by Chrètien de Troyes in his 12th century romance Cligès: "'Dear son,' he said, 'believe me when I tell you that largesse is the queen and lady who brightens all virtues, and this is not difficult to prove. Where could one find a man who, no matter how powerful or rich, would not be reproached if he were miserly? What man has so many other good qualities--excepting only God's grace--that largesse would not increase his fame? Largesse alone makes one a worthy man, not high birth, courtesy, wisdom, gentility, riches, strength, chivalry, boldness, power, beauty, or any other gift. But just as the rose, when it buds fresh and new, is more beautiful than any other flower, so largesse, whenever it appears, surpasses all other virtues and causes the good qualities it finds in a worthy man who comports himself well to be increased five-hundred fold. There is so much to be said of largesse that I could not tell you the half."