Definitions for "Lanyard"
Keywords:  whistle, pwc, lifeline, shroud, rigging
A short piece of rope or line for fastening something in ships; as, the lanyards of the gun ports, of the buoy, and the like; esp., pieces passing through the dead-eyes, and used to extend shrouds, stays, etc.
A strong cord, about twelve feet long, with an iron hook at one end a handle at the other, used in firing cannon with a friction tube.
Generic name for a short length of rope, webbing or sling. Used as a connection or safety between equipment. Submitted by Piers from London, UK.
The handmade rainbow cross necklace each participant receives when they have gone on a Chrysalis weekend.
The reinforced steel running through the armored cable of a handset. It securely connects the handset to the payphone case.
The string that is pulled to activate a gas lifejacket.
Keywords:  tethered, needed, glasses, item, close
a device to which an item is "tethered" so that it is close by when needed; e.g., glasses.
an excellent promotional item that is very useful
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Handles for various things usually decorative