Definitions for "Langley"
The unit of solar energy relating to the amount which reaches a specific area of the earth's surface.
Unit of the intensity of radiation measured per minute and equal to one calorie.
A unit of energy per unit area, equal to 1 gramcalorie/cm² and commonly employed in radiation measurement.
Langley is a federal electoral district in the province of British Columbia, Canada, that has been represented in the Canadian House of Commons since 2004. It is an xx km² riding with 111,045 people located in the suburbs of the Lower Mainland.
Langley is a provincial electoral district for the Legislative Assembly of British Columbia, Canada. It should not be confused with the federal electoral district of Langley, which encompasses a somewhat larger area. The riding made its first appearance in the 1966 general election.
a town in Mayes County Oklahoma , USA Langola Langola is a township in Benton County Minnesota , USA Langor Langor is a township in Beltrami County Minnesota , USA Langport Langport is an industrial town in Somerset
Location of the headquarters of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)
Langley is a lunar crater that is located close to the northwestern limb of the Moon, and from the Earth is viewed from the edge. It is located in the gap between Galvani crater which lies across the southeast rim, and Volta crater along the northeast rim. Just to the northwest is the Stokes crater.
a long-time user of the verification system PVS, developed and maintained by SRI International
a federal custodian of historic properties, in conformance with the provisions of the National Historic Preservation Act