Definitions for "Lands"
Keywords:  rifle, bore, spiral, grooves, barrel
See rifling.
Those portions of the bore not cut away by rifling grooves.
the raised portion of the spiral rifling in a barrel
Keywords:  pits, flat, rom, microscopic, separate
The reflective portions of a CD-ROM track, opposite of pits.
The areas in between the pits, which are the holes on the surface of the optical storage media. Lands are the coded data and carry the information. See also Pits.
Microscopic flat areas on the surface of a CD or DVD that separate pits. Lands and pits are used to represent data on the disk.
Includes all uplands, wetlands, and open waters, such as streams, lakes, estuaries, and bays.
of piston, the vertical surfaces between the piston rings and also of the piston crown
high parts of pattern on the surfaces of millstones.
Keywords:  pcbs, conductors, runs
Conductors or runs on pcbs.