Definitions for "Landing"
The level part of a staircase, at the top of a flight of stairs, or connecting one flight with another.
A flat area at the top or bottom of a ramp.
A horizontal platform at midflight in a staircase. Most often necessary on stairs that change directions.
an area modified by equipment that is designed for accumulating logs before they are transported.
Location where logs are staged for loading onto log trucks.
A place in or near the forest where logs are gathered for further processing or transport.
Of, pertaining to, or used for, setting, bringing, or going, on shore.
A going or bringing on shore.
The act or process of bringing an aircraft to land after having been in the air; as, the pilot made a perfect three-point landing. Contrasted with take-off.
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Landing is an indie rock outfit from Connecticut, USA. Terms used to describe the music created by Aaron Snow and Adrienne Snow include ambient, shoegaze, slo-core, and space rock. Other members include Dick Baldwin (guitar, bass), Daron Gardner (bass, drums) and more recently, Peter Baumann of Tangerine Dream fame.
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An area where a UFO has landed.
Level area at the mouth of the mine where trams were hauled to and the coal graded for sale on the market.
Your pizza oven has two landing areas. The smaller space directly in front of the oven door and below the Vent, called the Vent Landing, and a larger area at the front of the oven, called the Oven Landing. The Vent Landing is included with all Forno Bravo pizza ovens, while a large Oven Landing is also included with the Premio pizza ovens.
Salmon caught in the commercial fishery that are delivered to fish processors.
The weight, number or value of a species of seafood caught and delivered to a port.
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A place for landing, as from a ship, a carriage. etc.
a place for beaching or landing boats; on larger rivers often associated with an eddy or slack water near a rapid or shoal: Ross's Landing.
structure providing a place where boats can land people or goods
The original settlement of colonists on Pern. It was on the Southern Continent, within sight of the Two-Faced Mountain.
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the act of coming down to the earth (or other surface); "the plane made a smooth landing"; "his landing on his feet was catlike"
the act of coming to land after a voyage
The act of returning to the ice in a controlled manned at the end of a jump or lift.
Landing refers to the day and time when the spacecraft returns back to Earth. It is sometimes abbreviated as R+0 to indicate zero days after landing day.
The permission given to a person to live in Canada as a permanent resident. An immigrant who has been "landed" is a permanent resident.
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a controlled mid-air collision with a planet