Definitions for "LAN"
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A local area network; a network{3} connecting computers and word processors and other electronic office equipment within a small area, to create an inter-office system, typically within one building or one site of a corporation. Contrasted to WAN, a wide-area network.
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A group of computers connected by a network, such as that in a single office, building or company.
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IP and IPX.
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Lembaga Administrasi Negara (National Institute of Administration)
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Long algebratic notation. This is a standard way to describe a single move. Examples: d2-d4, Nc1xd3, Qa1xa8+, Bb4-c5, etc. The server accepts moves in this format, but converts them into SAN before recording. A LAN move can be unpunctual: instead of Qa1xa8+, these are all right: Qa1-a8, or Qa1a8.
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Lan is the name attributed to a subculture and its followers in Germany. Lan subculture was created by Turkish young men in early 1990s and it was adopted by young men of various Middle Eastern origins.
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The router and the subnet behind it. The remote LAN is the ISDN router and the IP subnet behind it.
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Inland (or over land)
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Provides an avenue for distributing HTML documents within an organization. A LAN can also include a Web server, thus taking a step toward being an intranet. See Part I.
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abbreviation used in aviation work to stand for "over- lan
What is a LAN and what does it stand for
This term refers to a net whose implementation is spatially limited.
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referring to wool ("lanata," "lanosus")
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