Definitions for "Lamination"
The process of laminating, or the state of being laminated.
The process of fabricating a circuit board by using heat and pressure to glue together a number of interconnection layers to form a single multilayer assembly.
The process of adhering flexible foam, PSA, vinyl and fabrics in a variety of different combinations. Two common processes are fabric lamination and PSA lamination.
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A defect caused by metal detaching from the rest of a coin. Somewhat common with clad coinage.
A form of planchet flaw caused by imperfections in the metal, whereby a thin strip of the metal separates itself from the coin.
A thin piece of metal that has nearly become detached from the surface of a coin. If this breaks off, an irregular hole or planchet flaw is left.
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The process of permanently attaching the artificial limb to the socket using carbon fiber cloth and epoxy.
material that holds the soft iron pole pieces and permanent magnet around the rotor.
The gluing together of two or more pieces of wood to form a single component (i.e. Laminated stile, 5 pieces glued together for stability warp resistance.).
A stamped form from electrical steel that is stacked to form the basis of a conventional DC motor armature.
A parts series or etched blanks which are stacked and bonded with proper registration, forming a complete unit. lateral reversal: mirror image of the pattern's geometric orientation.
A heat and pressure cycle used to consolidate a stack of prepregs into a solid block. The term also refers to the consolidation of a stack of laminates (with circuitry) to form a PCB. Lamination is referred to as the C-stage in PCB fabrication.
a partial foliation whose complement is incompressible
When building materials come apart e.g. plaster coming away from a brick wall.
A combination of two or more similar or dissimilar materials that function as one backing for example acetate and tissue in acetate fiber tapes.
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Laminating paper or board with foil
The combination of two or more surfaces to create one finished structure.