Definitions for "Laminating"
Forming, or separating into, scales or thin layers.
Applying a thin layer of composite resin or porcelain to the surface of a tooth in order to alter its appearance.
A procedure for the application of a thin porcelain or composite resin veneer to a tooth.
Keywords:  adhesive, glued, glue, bond, foam
The process of bonding two or more layers of material together, using heat, pressure, and an adhesive.
A method of gluing strips of thin clear wood to the lengthwise surfaces of finger-jointed material to provide the appearance of clear stock.
An alternative to wood carving, in which boards of wood are glued together in specific shapes or designs. Because the artist can glue different size boards together, and then refine the shape, less wood actually goes to waste then in the carving process. The technique was developed because blocks of wood became too expensive for artists to consider wasting so much of the valuable wood in the carving process.
Transparent plastic film applied to one or both sides of a printed sheet to enhance its appearance and to protect the surface of the paper or board.
The general process of covering or coating one type of material with another, creating a bond between the two materials. In the postpress stage, laminating is one of the methods used to give the product protection or a more attractive appearance. To do this, films containing photographic or other print motifs are applied under pressure to the material being finished. If a transparent polyester film is applied, this is known as film laminating. Laminated materials are often found on drinks and food menus. For packaging liquids, the industry generally uses films that also protect the productâ€(tm)s aroma.
A gloss or matt surface coating applied after the printing process.