Keywords:  lvl, veneer, lumber, plywood, adhesive
Composite of wood veneer sheet elements joined with an adhesive with wood fibers primarily oriented along the length of the member. Veneer thickness does not exceed 0.25".
LVL is manufactured by laminating veneer with all grain laid-up parallel. It can be manufactured by using various species of wood fiber in various thicknesses.
Structural grade timber veneers glued together under pressure to form a dimensionally stable and uniform product. An engineered (man-made) wood product that is a substitute for dimensional lumber. LVL is glued such that the grain direction of all veneers is parallel; this is different than plywood in which the grain directions of adjacent veneers is perpendicular to one another. LVL and other composite lumber products have a number of advantages over solid lumber, including the ability to make large-sized members from small diameter trees. Such products also allow the dispersion of gross defects such as large knots.