Definitions for "laminated"
Keywords:  glued, plywood, plies, veneer, sandwich
Consisting of, or covered with, laminae, or thin plates, sheets, scales, or layers, one over another; laminate.
Constructed of thin sheets of material, bonded together to form a composite structure having multiple layers.
A thin layer of plastic, which covers a sheet of paper.
Constructed entirely or partially of lames
The backs, sides and even tops of some instruments can be made from several pieces of wood which have been laminated to form one piece, usually at the determent of it's sound. (Especially if it's the top that's laminated.) A neck can also be made from more than one piece of wood to produce a decorative center stripe.
Keywords:  warmth, retention, foam, bulk, wrinkle
term usually associated with fabric that is joined to a backing of synthetic foam; provides insulation and warmth with little weight or bulk, built-in-shape retention and wrinkle-resistance.
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Laminating leather to other materials is a means of creating a product that has unique properties. Selecting different laminates with their own special properties can vary the properties. E.g. Elastic, or fire resistant materials.
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