Definitions for "Laminate flooring"
Hard surface flooring utilizing a fiberboard core and Melamine wear layer, that is available in blocks, planks, and squares and can be installed as individual units.
A rigid floor covering with a surface layer consisting of one or more thin sheets of a fibrous material (usually paper), impregnated with aminoplastic thermosetting resins (usually melamine). These sheets are either pressed as such (HPL or CPL, Compact), and in the case of HPL or CPL bonded on a substrate, or in the case of DPL directly pressed on a substrate. The product is normally finished with a backing primarily used as a balancing material. Its performance values are set by the NALFA Standard.
Flooring made with a dense fiberboard core and a decorative paper pattern layer on the top, then sealed under high pressure with a very durable clear coating. Made in enough visual styles to suit any taste, such as wood, stone, ceramic tile and others. Long lasting and affordable, laminate flooring is surging in popularity.