Definitions for "Lakshmi"
The Goddess of wealth and prosperity, the consort of Lord Vishnu. Also addressed as Bhagwati Lakshmi and Mahalakshmi.
Consort of Lord Vishnu, worshipped as the bestower of opulence.
In Indian mythology, the goddess of all forms of wealth. The reverence for cows in Hindu India is based on worship of this goddess, as in that tradition cows are a representation of wealth.
Lakshmi (Telugu: లక్ష్మి) is a Tollywood movie that released on January 14, 2006, starring Venkatesh, Nayantara, and Charmme Kaur. This film stands best in Venkatesh's career. V.V.
Laxmi (sometimes credited as Lakshmi Narayan or just Lakshmi) is a South Indian actress, best known for her title role in the Hindi hit film Julie (1975 film) for which she won the Filmfare Best Actress Award.