Definitions for "LAI"
or lay A form of song popular in the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries, usually consisting of 12 unequal stanzas sung to different tunes. The lai was often composed as an instrumental piece.
A medieval narrative or lyric poem which flourished in 12th century France, consisting of couplets of five-syllable lines separated by single lines of two syllables. The number of lines and stanzas was not fixed and each stanza had only two rhymes, one rhyme for the couplets and the other for the two-syllable lines. Succeeding stanzas formed their own rhymes. (See also Lay, Virelay)
a secular song of the thirteenth and early fourteenth centuries in which the characteristics of the stanza (line lengths, number of lines per stanza, rhyme scheme, musical setting) change from strophe to strophe. Machaut wrote twenty-four lais.
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A group of closely related HIV isolates that includes the LAV, IIIB, and BRU strains of HIV. Used in HIV vaccine development.
an HIV-1 isolate used in HIV vaccine development. LAI is also referred to as IIIB or LAV. LAI belongs to clade B, the clade to which most HIV-1 found in America and Europe belongs. (See also clade.)
Lai (Traditional Chinese: 賴; Simplified Chinese: 赖; Pinyin: Lài) is a common Chinese surname that is pronounced similarly in both Cantonese and Mandarin dialects.
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A standard unit of land area measurement in Laos, equivalent to 1,600 square meters. Corresponds to rai measurement used in Thailand (see below).
Leaf area index. Surface area of leaves per area of ground
Leaf Area Index. Single-side leaf area per unit ground area: a unit-less measure. See Chapter 17.
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Labat-Anderson Incorporated
Aoru life spirit or essence, also the name for Aoru religious belief..
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Loan Against Imports. Loan used to settle trade documents - granted against submission of a loan bond and trust receipt pledging title of the goods to the order of the bank in the event that the loan is not repaid at maturity.
Loan Against Imports. Loans granted to import customers for payment of bills.
Sound level with 'A' Frequency weighting and Impulse Time weighting