Definitions for "Lagging"
The clothing (esp., an outer, wooden covering), as of a steam cylinder, applied to prevent the radiation of heat; a covering of lags; -- called also deading and cleading.
A light gauge steel covering used over a boiler, usually combined with insulation, to provide a low temperature outer surface.
used to wrap around pipes or boilers or laid in attics to prevent loss of heat
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Lags, collectively; narrow planks extending from one rib to another in the centering of arches.
Secondary timber placed behind main timber in a shaft, drive, tunnel or adit to support loose rock.
Planks or small timbers placed between steel ribs along the roof of a stope or drift to prevent rocks from falling, rather than to support the main weight of the overlying rocks.
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a smooth or embossed covering or coating applied to a pulley to reduce belt slippage, wear, and prevent material build-up.
A smooth or embossed covering on a pulley to increase friction between the belt and the pulley.
a) External wood covering on a reel to protect the wire rope or strand, or b) the grooved shell of a drum.
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A way of choosing who shoots first. Players roll their marbles toward a line in the dirt (the lag line). Whoever gets closest without going over gets to shoot first.
The act of tossing or shooting from the Pitch Line. Whoever comes closest to the lag line without going over it shoots first. See Pitch Line.
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Laisse faire LAK
The extent to which a rotor of a gyroplane in flight is displaced rearwards by air resistance from its normal position relative to the rotor head. The amount of lag is limited by the action of the drag pivot, a damping device which gives the rotor flexibility in the plane of rotation.
Deliberately setting the start, or finish, of on activity behind the start, or finish, of another. A scheduling technique necessary to enable relatively concurrent progress on more than one activity. [D02925] RMW
Boards placed side-by-side to retain the face of an excavation. Held in place by soldier piles.