Definitions for "LAG "
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Coming tardily after or behind; slow; tardy.
Last; long-delayed; -- obsolete, except in the phrase lag end.
The failing behind or retardation of one phenomenon with respect to another to which it is closely related; as, the lag of magnetization compared with the magnetizing force (hysteresis); the lag of the current in an alternating circuit behind the impressed electro-motive force which produced it.
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(aka: "lag putt", "approach putt") a long putt not expected to go into the hole but instead to stop near the hole so as to leave a very make-able second putt. Example: "I was just lagging it up there; I never thought it would go in."
A long putt which, because of its length, the putter does not expect to make but hopes to get close to the cup, usually leaving it a bit short. A good lag putt positions the golfer to have a simple and easily makeable follow-up putt.
To putt the ball with the intention of having it end up close to the cup.
The Presentation of a blurred image, typically from a high white object due to the inability of a pickup device to remove the electrical charge from its surface at the scanning rate.
The image retention of an object after the object has been scanned. Sometimes, it causes smearing effect.
The image retention of an object after the object has been scanned; can cause a smearing effect.
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To walk or more slowly; to stay or fall behind; to linger or loiter.
The amount one wave is behind another in time; expressed in electrical degrees.
hang (back) or fall (behind) in movement, progress, development, etc.
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The amount of retardation of anything, as of a valve in a steam engine, in opening or closing.
A stave of a cask, drum, etc.;
one of the narrow boards or staves forming the covering of a cylindrical object, as a boiler, or the cylinder of a carding machine or a steam engine.
a user-specified distance class within which semivariance is computed for a set of data points.
A distance class interval used for variogram computation. Linear Model A function frequently used when fitting mathematical models to experimental variograms, often in combination with a nugget model.
the horizontal distance between two geographic data points. Used to create a semi-variogram.
The measure of the time between the center of mass of precipitation to the center of mass of runoff (on the hydrograph). Basin lag is a function of not only basin characteristics, but also of storm intensity and movement. Some hydrologic texts define lag from the center of mass of rainfall to the hydrograph peak.
Crosspieces used to connect the ribs in centering.
Variously defined as time from beginning (or center of mass) of rainfall to peak (or center of mass) of runoff.
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LAG is meant to be a replacement for GAIM. It will be built modularly in C/C++ and Python with front-ends for GTK, ncurses, Win32, Cocoa, and possibly more. It will support many chat protocols like AIM, Yahoo! Messenger, Jabber, and MSN.
The time it takes for an entered message in a chat room to be read by others. This time is usually measured in seconds; 10 seconds or less is normally acceptable. However, when the net is unstable, there can be several minutes of 'lag' between one person and another.
a veneer or pavement of fragments of diverse origins or composition on the land surface. Commonly applied to highly ferruginous concretions (in S. Aust. also applied to silcrete gibber). Fragments may be faceted, rounded and/or varnished.
One transported for a crime.
To transport for crime.
A convict who has been transported or sentenced to penal servitude. Latvia – a Baltic Sea country in northeastern Europe; a Soviet republic from 1940-1991
Artifact due to excessive temporal filtering, e. g. in the process of standards conversion. It is visible as a trail following a moving object in the TV picture. The standards converter lag appears as discrete variations in trail amplitude.
The number of bars that an indicator trails the current price. For example, a moving average will peak by a number of periods after the market price peaks. This period is generally half the length of the moving average.
The number of data points that a filer, such as a moving average, follows or trails the input price data.
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See Graylag.
See line of arrested growth.
see turbo lag Lancer Laser
To cause to lag; to slacken.
(n.) Slowdowns and long wait periods for information to be sent across the internet, usually caused by redirected links and extreme usage.
A condition caused by network congestion. When more traffic is flowing than a network or connection can handle, it causes programs waiting to send or receive...
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Last made; hence, made of refuse; inferior.
One who lags; that which comes in last.
The fag-end; the rump; hence, the lowest class.
lock up or confine, in or as in a jail; "The suspects were imprisoned without trial"; "the murderer was incarcerated for the rest of his life"
The time the club spends at the top of the swing.
Interval between the time the accelerator is pressed and the engine can react.
An interval of time before additional flow enters the system.
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n. An evil spirit that makes miserable the lives of all who try to play over the internet.
phase The stage of growth of microbial cells in which nucleic acids and proteins are synthesized, but in which there is no cell division.
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one of several thin slats of wood forming the sides of a barrel or bucket
To have variations later. Used particularly with variables such as economic activity. See also Lead.
Payment of a financial obligation later than is expected or required, as in lead and lag. Also, the number of periods that an independent variable in a regression model is "held back" in order to predict the dependent variable.
Link Aggregated Group. Aggregates ports or VLANs into a single virtual port or VLAN. For more information on LAGs, see Defining LAG Membership.
Synonymous with ghosting. A low-light phenomena usually associated with tube-type cameras.
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Loose aggressive
A ballast exhibiting primarily inductive electrical characteristics.
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throw or pitch at a mark, as with coins
Lag is the difference between what you see on your computer screen and what is computed on the server which centralises all the different players info.
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cover with lagging to prevent heat loss; "lag pipes"
late payment of a financial obligation