Definitions for "Lacrosse"
A game of ball, originating among the North American Indians, now the popular field sport of Canada, and played also in England and the United States. Each player carries a long-handled racket, called a "crosse". The ball is not handled but caught with the crosse and carried on it, or tossed from it, the object being to carry it or throw it through one of the goals placed at opposite ends of the field.
A game, originated by American Indians, in which two teams attempt to send a small ball into each other's goal, each player being equipped with a crosse or stick at the end of which is a netted pocket for catching, carrying, or throwing the ball.
a game invented by American indians; now played by two teams who use long-handled rackets to catch and carry and throw the ball toward the opponents' goal
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A spy satellite launched by NASA in December of 1988. Lacrosse's main instrument, like most spy satellites, was its image sensor. It also carried Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR).
Another code-name for a satellite project. Older than Keyhole.
Lacrosse and Onyx are the rumored code names for the United States' National Reconnaissance Office terrestrial radar imaging reconnaissance satellite. While not officially confirmed by the NRO or anybody in the U.S. government, there is widespread evidence to confirm its existence. One example would be the non-classified acknowledgement of NASA's Magellan Venus probe, which has similar capabilities, and was built by the same contractor (Martin Marietta, though currently Lockheed Martin) using what is probably very similar hardware.
Lacrosse is a double live album by John Zorn. It is made up of different "takes" of the song of the same name, "Lacrosse". The first disc is from WKCR in June 1978 where Mark Abbott, Polly Bradfield, Eugene Chadbourne, and LaDonna Smith and Zorn made 6 different takes.