Definitions for "Lac"
One hundred thousand; also, a vaguely great number; as, a lac of rupees.
A resinous substance produced mainly on the banyan tree, but to some extent on other trees, by the Laccifer lacca (formerly Coccus lacca), a scale-shaped insect, the female of which fixes herself on the bark, and exudes from the margin of her body this resinous substance.
a resinous deposit of an insect that lives on creosote bushes.
NSW Police Local Area Command.
Local Area Coverage; standard recording mode for AVHRR to give 1.1 km pixel image.
Local Area Coverage, recorded HRPT data (1.1 km).
an acronym often used to refer to the region of Latin America and the Caribbean.
Latin American/Caribbean
Latin America and Caribbean Region
Los Angeles County
Abbreviation for the Los Angeles Clippers
The District of Lac (German: Seebezirk, French: District du Lac) is one of the seven districts of the Canton of Fribourg. Lying to the north of the canton, the district is bilingual (French/German). Its territory enclaves the two Bernese municipalities of Münchenwiler and Clavaleyres, while its own village of Wallenbuch (now part of Gurmels) is exclaved within Bern.
Acronym for Library of American Civilization, an ultrafiche collection
Legislation Advisory Committee. an expert body set up to, amongst other things, provide advice to departments on the development of legislative proposals and on drafting instructions to the Parliamentary Counsel Office, and to help improve the quality of law making by attempting to ensure that legislation gives clear effect to government policy and that legislative proposals conform with the LAC guidelines (see for a full description).
Library Advisory Council – Reviews and approves all policies for carrying out the OhioLINK program as proposed by the four standing committees. Discusses and approves major funding measures. Participates in strategic planning. Consists of library directors from all public universities (including two private universities), and representatives from independent and two year colleges.
Leading Aircraftman
Leading Aircraftsman
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lupus anticoagulant
The Legal Aid Commission (LAC) is a body funded by the State to provide legal assistance for matters arising under New South Wales law ('State law'). The Commission has entered into an arrangement with the Commonwealth to provide legal assistance for matters arising under Commonwealth law.
Learning Assistance Center. The LAC provides tutoring and other types of academic support services to all students enrolled in credit courses. It is located on the second floor of the Learning Resources Center building in room L-230. Call 410-772-4822 (V/TDD) for further information.
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repressor- lac promoter system   See IPTG.
Layer 2 Aggregation Concentrator
L2TP Access Concentrator
(Lacca Italian)A relatively thick solution of a colorant or coating.
Laboratory of Advanced Computing
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Looked After Children
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Lacking (Issue/Volume)
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Limits of Acceptable Change