Definitions for "Labrum"
A lip or edge, as of a basin.
An organ in insects and crustaceans covering the upper part of the mouth, and serving as an upper lip. See Illust. of Hymenoptera.
Lip or liplike part being a cuticular plate forming the anterior upper lip of insects ( loc. cit.); compare labium.
This was a basin that stood at hip- or waist-height somewhere in the caldarium. Its purpose was to provide sweating bathers with an opportunity to splash themselves with cold water. The labrum often stands in an apse specifically designed for it, termed the schola labri (Vitruv. 5.10.4). In more sophisticated and luxurious baths, the labrum was replaced with a multiplicity of heated pools, but it remained popular in smaller facilities.
The external margin of the aperture of a shell. See Univalve.