Definitions for "Labium"
A lip, or liplike organ.
The lip of an organ pipe.
The organ of insects which covers the mouth beneath, and serves as an under lip. It consists of the second pair of maxillæ, usually closely united in the middle line, but bearing a pair of palpi in most insects. It often consists of a thin anterior part (ligula or palpiger) and a firmer posterior plate (mentum).
an outgrowth above the sporangium which partially or wholly covers the ligule.
The folds of integument at the opening of the vulva.
Any of the four skin folds that surround the genital organs of a woman or girl.
Keywords:  aperture, inner, margin, shell
Inner margin of the aperture of a shell.
Keywords:  edge, sound, cutting, part, generator
The cutting edge part of the sound generator.