Definitions for "Lability"
emotional instability that may be precipitated by apparently mild stimuli.
poor control of the emotions such that laughing or crying is disproportionate to precipitating events
Notable changes in an individual's emotional health/wellbeing e.g. uncontrolled laughing or crying.
The property of changing readily.
Unstable, easily changed. The word is usually applied to rapid mood swings.
Marked fluctuations in mood or disposition.
Keywords:  apostatize, err, lapse, liability
Liability to lapse, err, or apostatize.
The facility, and therefore frequency, with which an individual tends to switch from one metamotivational state to another. Thus two people with the same dominance with respect to a pair of such states, may nevertheless have different degrees of lability, moving between them more or less frequently while still tending to spend longer periods of time in one than the other.
The property of being labile{3}; -- of chemical compounds; as, the lability of some natural products makes them difficult to isolate and identify.