Definitions for "LABELS"
Small strips of paper or leather affixed to the covers of a book, usually with the title printed on them.
Paper printed with a name and address that is stuck to a mailing piece. There are many different types of labels, including gummed labels, peel-off labels, and self-adhesive (known as pressure sensitive in the US) labels.
Paper printed with a name and address that is affixed to a mailing piece and serve as the mailing address vehicle. Different types of labels include: peel-off or pressure-sensitive labels, gummed labels and paper (or Cheshire) labels.
Wearing clothes by fashionable designers such as Versace, Armani and Moschino plays a vital part in an English footballer gaining the respect of his team mates. And it helps him remember his kids' names too.
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Labels are the names and terms used throughout a website that identify menu options, site categories or other elements. For more information see: Labels in Navigation
A labels file is a text file associated with a particular MIPS image which has the same name as the image but with a ".lbl" extension. This file can contain either image, sonar, navigation, projection, transformation, vector or mosaic information for its corresponding image. The number of lines and samples and image type are examples of the kind of information that can be found under image labels.
The document attached to chemical containers that provide details about the product, safety precautions and application procedures. Be sure cleaning workers read, understand and comply with cleaning product labels to ensure safety while working.
The act of attaching a view or revision label for one or more folders and/or items.
print information attached to a good. Labels give information on clothing care, nutrition, expiration dates, and how to contact the seller. The Underwriters Laboratories (UL) label tells buyers that an electrical product has been tested for safety.
A brief discription given to identify what is being shown. In scrapbooking labels usually refer to photos.
Words, titles, or text within a spreadsheet that are used to form row and column headings
This is a not a true activity - it is a "dummy" activity that allows you to insert text and graphics among the other activities on the course page.
Text annotation posted on a map near a spatial feature. Same as one wherein the source of the value of each label is from a linked database record. Symbol or set of symbols identifying the contents of a file, memory, tape, or record.
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Labels & Tags; Label & Tag Manufacturers including blank labels, luggage tags, numbered, domed, foil, magnetic, quality control, roll and shipping labels
Four-inch square diamond markers required on individual shipping containers that are smaller than 640 cu ft.
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Labels can come in all widths, sizes and colors. They can also be made out of different materials such as wax, resin and Valeron. This allows the label to be used in different environments such as humid climates, exterior warehouses and low level lighted areas. In order to purchase labels, it is a good idea to know the "core" size and the inches between each label. Labels are purchased per case.
The different components of an Internet host name.
all legal consumer explosives have mandatory labeling requirements. Included on these labels should be the manufacturer's name, address, cautions and directions for use.
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(Type of plugin.) Display entities on tracks.
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the titles given to a graph, the axes of a graph, or to the scales on the axes of a graph.
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Labels are designed to set off alarms when not deactivated.