Definitions for "L.C.L"
Keywords:  carload, incurr, cargo, load, quantity
"Less than car load."
Less than Container Load. Cargo in quantity less than required for the application of a container load rate.
Less Than Carload. Sometimes less than a Container-load.
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Light Center Length. The distance between the center of the filament, or arc tube, and a reference plane - usually the bottom of the lamp base. Refer to the following chart for reference plane locations.
The liquid which fills the entry plug after a pilot has gotten on board. It is viscous and has an unpleasant smell similar to blood. After the pilot is on board, it is electrically charged, changing its molecular configuration. Through this process, the L.C.L. manifests the ability to directly link the pilot to the Eva mentally and to provide oxygen directly to the lungs. It also serves to shelter the pilot from psychological attacks and physical impacts, which is why it conjures images of amniotic fluid in a mother's womb. Furthermore, the liquid filling the area around the feet of the giant crucified at The bottom of Terminal Dogma is likewise L.C.L.