Definitions for "KWh"
Keywords:  kilowatt, watt, consumption, hour, kilo
Kilowatts per hour
Measurement] - The amount of kilowatts used over a one hour span to power lights, appliances, etc.. It is used as the basic unit of measure for residential and commercial electric accounts.
A unit used to measure energy consumption. This is the unit used by utilities to calculate your electric bill. It is the ammount of energy consumed by a 1000-Watt appliance running for 1 hour.
Strikeout-to-walk-to-hit ratio, developed by Baseball Prospectus as a means of evaluating a pitcher's control and hittability. It is calculated thus: (K*K/H*BB) * 0.75. Pitchers with a KWH ratio above 1.00 will generally be more successful than those below the 1.00 mark. Many of the game's best pitchers have a KWH approaching (or above) 2.00.