Definitions for "kugel"
(Yiddish, "ball") — Crusty baked pudding made of potatoes or noodles.
a pudding, and this one is a satisfyingly hearty departure from the traditional sweet noodle version
a pudding that can be served either as a side dish or as a dessert
"Krezie Kugel" is a physical marble simulation game. Planned features are: full OpenGL gameplay, multiplayeraction, easy to use level editor and of course a neat looking game :)
kugel is a perl/tk based game that is played by moving objects on the board and putting them into rows, columns, diagonals. Each time you create a line of the same objects, the score will increment with the number of objects you accomplished to line up. In the same time, the lined up "kugels" will disappear, so you can continue the game with more maneuver space on the board.