Definitions for "Kriya"
Cleansing practice of the hatha yoga system.
A daughter of Daksa and a wife of Dharma mother of Yoga and Manus, also of Naya, Danda and Samaya
a poetic progression of exercises which work in concert to create a synergistic, multi-dimensional, exponential effect
Keywords:  rite, yogic, karma, lit, expiatory
Lit: Process.
An action for which one is not responsible and hence, there is no result which can be credit to the accumulated account ( sanchit).
root - kri, to act. an action being performed. Distinct from karma, which is a completed action
a new-rock/pop alternative band that features the breathtaking voice and "Visual Phonics" of singer and lyricist TL Forsberg
Keywords:  dasa, pranas, tala, reckoning, tapping
One of the Tala Dasa Pranas which is a mode of reckoning musical time. It may be explained as the representation of a tala by waving hand or tapping the finger etc.
A physical, mental, or emotional movement initiated by the awakened kundalini. Kriyas purify the body and nervous system, thus allowing a seeker to experience higher states of consciousness.