Definitions for "Kripalu Yoga"
Keywords:  yoga, postures, desai, amrit, hatha
A style or school of hatha yoga that teaches the basic mechanics of yoga postures and introduces the concepts of breathwork. It is less concerned with the structural detail of the postures and is a more inner-directed form of yoga. It emphasizes the student's mental and emotional states as the poses are held and encourages a gentle, compassionate and introspective approach. Kripalu teachers emphasize the importance of accepting the body, encouraging students to note where tension is held or simply to recognize their strengths and weaknesses.
The "yoga of consciousness" emphasizes proper breath, alignment, coordinating breath and movement, and "honoring the wisdom of the body."Developed by Yogi Amrit Desai, kripalu takes the student through three stages ending with the experience of meditation-in-motion - actually doing postures spontaneously and unconsciously.
Developed by Yogi Amrit Desai, Kripalu Yoga uses classical hatha yoga postures and breathing techniques to help students enter a state of "meditation in motion." Besides offering guidance in these yoga techniques, Kripalu Yoga teachers provide an atmosphere where sensations, thoughts, and emotions can be experienced in safety and relaxation. The principles of Kripalu Yoga are the foundation for Phoenix Rising yoga therapy and Kripalu Bodywork.