Definitions for "Kriging"
this mapping method represents the variable under study as a continuous process, unconstrained by the borders of geographic units and where sudden transitions between levels of two neighbouring areas are avoided. It provides the variance of the estimated values from the spatial variability of the actual data, for example, a standard error map, and these error maps can be useful to introduce new sample values for analysis.
An interpolation technique for obtaining statistically unbiased estimates of surface elevations from a set of control points. Pronounced creeging.
An interpolation procedure used to estimate a variable at unsampled locations using weighted sums of the variable at neighboring sample points. The procedure is designed to minimize the variance of the estimation errors. As a meteorological example, kriging can be used for two-dimensional spatial interpolation of irregularly spaced observational data onto a uniform set of grid points to provide input for a numerical forecasting model.
Specific method of smoothing geo-referenced data