Definitions for "knowledge base "
A collection of methods used to complete jobs.
Database of rules about subjects used in applications.
A collection of information usually from a database to aid help desk analysts in problem resolution.
the part of an expert system that includes facts based on information gathered from experts, as well as rules that indicate procedures to follow in using the facts.
The knowledge, which may include assertion, rules, objects and constraints, used by a knowledge-based or expert system. Its organization is based on knowledge representations. The developer or user of the system may be unaware of the underlying knowledge representations, seeing only the domain knowledge representations.
The foundation of a knowledge-based system that contains facts, rules, inferences, and procedures.
The part of an artificial intelligence system that contains structured, codified knowledge and hueristics used to solve problems. [DEC].
the accumulating sum of knowledge on which the advance of a particular industrial sector relies – includes not just codified knowledge but also tacit knowledge and knowledge embedded in plant and equipment
An organized structure of information which facilitates the storage of intelligence in order to be retrieved in support of a knowledge management process.
a centralized repository for information about a particular subject
an online repository, a library of information that supports the activities of the business
a repository for storing information in an organized and structured way
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a corpus of knowledge
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a finite set of forms
a finite set of sentences
a conceptual data set that contains associations between concepts and categories
an internal application, not a public website
a tool that allows you to create, share and maintain information about your website and/or products with customers, employees or anyone you choose
a great tool for more efficiently managing transactions
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provide a generic knowledge base that can be easily customized for specific use
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the content of a particular domain or field of knowledge
A set of items that is either contained in G2's memory (the current KB) or stored in a KB file.
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a very good way to define all the terms you use
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See Program.