Definitions for "Knowing"
Keywords:  rascal, cunning, artful
Artful; cunning; as, a knowing rascal.
alert and fully informed; "politically aware"; "a knowing collector of rare books"; "the most...technically aware of the novelists under thirty"- W.S.Graham; "surprisingly knowledgeable about what was going on"
The solidness of a specific Perceiver (or Server) memory. If the Perceiver observer is awake, then knowing corresponds to confidence. If Perceiver thought is mesmerized, then the strength of 'knowing' (written with single quotes) is a measure of the depth of Perceiver hypnosis.
Keywords:  apprehension, mental, clear
clear and certain mental apprehension
by conscious design or purpose; "intentional damage"; "a knowing attempt to defraud"; "a willful waste of time"
Keywords:  skilful, dog, intelligent, well, man
Skilful; well informed; intelligent; as, a knowing man; a knowing dog.
highly educated; having extensive information or understanding; "an enlightened public"; "knowing instructors"; "a knowledgeable critic"; "a knowledgeable audience"
evidencing the possession of inside information
Keywords:  hence, experience
Knowledge; hence, experience.